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P&J specialise in providing a total extraction solution tailored to meet the specific requirements for each individual workspace. Our highly experienced team work with all aspects of LEV design - extraction units, LEV system, LEV ductwork, bespoke extraction hoods etc.



Because all our equipment is designed and manufactured by us at our UK site, we can guarantee total quality control over all components and systems with all relevant Health & Safety features to comply with current legislations.



Our fully trained, qualified, experienced engineers and fleet of fully stocked vehicles allows you to benefit from safe installation, completed on schedule with minimum disruption to your workplace.



It is a legal requirement that an LEV Commissioning test is carried out after installation to prove that the system provides adequate control of the hazardous substance. The best way to do this is by measuring the exposure of your staff at each extraction point.



The statutory test should be repeated at least annually.

To comply with HSG258 TExT and the COSHH regulations, LEV tests should be performed by competent, qualified, experienced LEV experts.

P&J are experts in LEV inspection. Our test engineers are BOHS qualified, and we are accredited by UKAS for LEV Inspection

We undertake thousands of LEV tests each year for leading businesses, schools and colleges nationwide. More....



Where an individual's exposure needs to be investigated, P&J's Personal Sampling Service assesses their personal exposure to emissions. This exposure is compared to the relevant Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or other exposure standards (P&J can advise you), and any necessary further action can be identified and taken. More....




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