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"Everything spot on. No complaints, all good. I have always been happy with the way P&J services have checked and advised on our dust extraction." - Joinery Workshop Manager

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Having carried out the Statutory LEV

Thorough Examination & Test for two years running at Aboyne Joinery & Construction (AJC) based in Aberdeenshire, the Joinery Manager made the decision to engage P&J Dust Extraction for a further 3 year contract. AJC is a family owned house builder and building contractor, founded in 2001. They combine the best in traditional and modern and their unique architectural style portrays the finest materials whilst blending sensitively within the local environment. Their team of joiners manufacture high quality bespoke products including windows, doors and staircases.

The Company not only pride themselves in their build quality, they also have a very good reputation within the Aberdeenshire area and employ a loyal and dedicated local workforce. The company are extremely committed to providing their staff with a safe working environment within the Joinery, hence the decision to place a 3 year contract with P&J Dust Extraction, a UKAS accredited Company with over 35 years of experience in LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems.


The materials used by Aboyne Joinery, in the main, are soft and hardwood dusts and, if not adequately controlled, can cause serious health risks to its users, a crucial reason for AJC to undergo a yearly test of their extraction to safeguard their Joinery team. Within the Joinery they have a PJ 4 bag, 16 filter extraction system connected to 8 woodworking machines ranging from 3 spindle moulders, a planer thicknesser, 4 x 4 cutter planer/moulders, 2 circular saws, a re-saw, a cross cut saw and a single end tenoner.

Following the arranged yearly visit by P&J’s Test Coordinator, our AILEVE & BOHS qualified Test Engineer arrived on site to meet The Joinery Workshop Manager. Our engineer discussed any concerns since the last test and reviewed the workshops maintenance log book before carrying out the Thorough Examination and Test.

The Workshop Manager liaised with our engineer to confirm when the machinery needed to be in use so that dust sampling could be carried out, this is included within all P&J LEV reports. The system was also tested at essential points throughout the ducting and extraction hoods connecting the machinery to the extraction unit.


At each test point a range of air pressure and air velocity measurements were taken and assessed against the data recorded at the Commissioning Test and the recommended parameters. Noise levels were also measured and the condition of the LEV system was also stringently checked; it’s filters and cleaning mechanism, the ducting, extraction hoods, blastgate dampers, hose, etc.

Every aspect of the thorough examination and test is carried out in accordance with the COSHH Regulations and HSG258.


As soon as the test was completed P&J’s test engineer discussed his findings and highlighted any concerns to the Workshop Manager. Before departure P&J’s LEV Test Engineer, as always, ensured that the operator understood the LEV systems most efficient operation for the optimum control of wood dust contaminants, by demonstrating the most suitable number and combination of inlets designed to be open simultaneously.


He also clarified all the necessary housekeeping essentials and made sure that the users were familiar with the checks they need to make and record, then he handed over a new maintenance log book for the joinery team to complete over the coming year. The finalised report together with any additional explanatory information that P&J felt was of benefit to the Joinery Manager, to provide to safest working environment for his workforce, was emailed to him within 48 hours.

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