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D&T Machinery Safety Checks

P&J offer packages for fixed equipment including woodworking, metalworking and heat treatment equipment in Design and Technology departments.


CDT Equipment

Each inspection visit comprises a full safety check of all machine components to help ensure continued effective operation including:

  • Electrical and mechanical servicing as per manufacturers’ requirements.

  • Checks and adjustments of all safety devices and guards

  • All machines oiled, greased and tolerances checked and set

  • All electrical connections, flexes, conduits, isolators and emergency stops checked for integrity and operation

  • Assessment for compliance with the relevant safety legislation and guidance including:

    • the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98)

    • BS4163 Health and Safety Design and Technology in Schools and Similar Establishments – Code of Practice

    • CLEAPSS G254 & G79


Speak to P&J technical support team for your machinery maintenance check with your annual LEV test. 



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