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UKAS Accredited for LEV Commissioning & LEV TExT (Thorough Examination & Test)



  • What you are entitled to expect from your LEV supplier

  • Why we would like you to appoint P&J as your prefered LEV partner

  • How P&J demonstrate competence as specialist LEV Engineers



Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is a serious business, protecting people from airborne hazardous substances, in the form of dusts and fumes, at work which can cause Respiratory Disease, Industrial Asthma, Cancer & COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). 


The LEV industry has a history of making systems that do not work properly, are rarely tested, and producing inadequate LEV test reports. 


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is campaigning to improve the equipment and service standards of the LEV Industry, and to encourage buyers of LEV to ensure that their supplier is competent. 


The HSE have issued updated information about LEV in the form of these publications:


For buyers and users of LEV there is a new HSE advice booklet:

INDG 408 'Clearing the Air: A simple guide to buying & using local exhaust ventilation (LEV)'


Technical guidance for the LEV industry is detailed in:

HSG258 'Controlling airborne contaminants at work. A guide to local exhaust ventilation (LEV)'


Both are available here


As buyer of LEV you have a statutory duty to make sure that anyone who: 

  • designs 

  • selects

  • checks

  • maintains

  • tests - TExT (Thorough Examination and Test) 

  • your LEV system is competent to do so. 


Not everyone in the LEV Industry, who claims to be competent is competent. You need to ask for evidence. 


What you are entitled to expect from your LEV supplier


The HSE want you (buyers of LEV Equipment and Service) to get a better deal from the LEV Industry, and to be sure that your LEV supplier is the right partner for your LEV needs. 


For more information download our booklet here.

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