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UKAS Accreditation

P&J's UKAS accreditation is for LEV Commissioning, Inspections, Thorough Examination and Test described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation which is available here.

You have a statutory obligation to use competent LEV engineers.


In HSG 258 the HSE state that:


'UKAS Accreditation for Commissioning of LEV or Thorough Examination and Test (TExT) of LEV is evidence that UKAS have audited the technical competence of a commissioning or inspection body.'


To comply with your legal obligations, you are looking for:


  • Technical Competence with LEV

  • Proven report accuracy and impartial findings

  • Commissioning and Retrospective Commissioning

  • Thorough examination and LEV Testing

  • Quality service & competent workforce

  • Integrity of the organisation


There are many companies today offering LEV Testing and fewer offering Commissioning, so it can be difficult to decide on the best company for the job.


This is where the UKAS Accreditation comes in.


UKAS was appointed by the UK Government to provide the nationally recognised set of accreditations to regulate, test, inspect and provide certification to organisations who adhere to the levels of competency and performance standards that UKAS have set for public confidence and national recognition.


P&J received UKAS Accreditation in 2004 as a competent LEV inspection body conforming to ISO/IEC 17020, we have maintained this prestigious accreditation ever since. We are accredited for LEV Commissioning, LEV Thorough Examination and Test & LEV Retrospective Commissioning. 


Our Role


To maintain our standard as leaders in inspection, commissioning and testing of extraction systems controlling hazardous substances.  P&J are subject to yearly inspections by UKAS.


Benefits to you


By working with P&J, you and your clients know that:


  • Reliable measurements, tests and inspections are carried out in compliance with best practices

  • Our LEV inspections: Commissioning, Retrospective Commissioning, Thorough Examination & Test are designed to ensure that your newly installed or Retrospectively Commissioned plant is controlling the hazardous substance and the continued effectiveness of your LEV extraction plant

  • All of our inspection instruments are regularly calibrated and fully traceable

  • Our dedicated team are able to provide authoritive advice and guidance on how to comply with the COSHH regulations, HSG258 and industry best practise

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