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The COSHH regulations require that all Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems undergo Commissioning (Initial Inspection) at the time of installation to prove that the new system effectively controls the hazardous substance.


If your system has never been commissioned it should be Retrospectively Commissioned.


Followed by statutory thorough examination and test at least every 14 months (varying according to the process).


P&J undertake detailed LEV/COSHH testing and Commissioning and Retrospective Commissioning reports on all types of LEV systems throughout the UK, including Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish Islands as well as Northern Ireland.

Our engineers are regularly in Eire and Channel Islands


Rely on P&J for cost-effective, competent dust extraction COSHH testing and fume extraction COSHH testing. All of our tests full comply with the COSHH Approved Code of Practise (ACoP) and HSE guidance HSG258.


Our engineers are qualified with P601, P602, P603 and P604. View list of our qualifications, accreditations & memberships


The tests are detailed reports that measure duct velocities, static pressures and flow rates. All parts of the system including ducting, fans, filters and exhaust will be examined to assess their condition and performance.


P&J inspection ensures everything is working to the original manufacturers specification and effectively controlling the hazardous substance. 

P&J Dust Extraction Sales Team, national organisation, local engineers
P&J Dust LEV COSHH Testing. Specialist LEV engineers

National Organisation

Local Engineers

P&J’s UKAS accreditation is for LEV Commissioning, Inspections, Thorough Examination and Test described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation which is available below.

P&J Engineer LEV Commissioning

LEV Commissioning

P&J Specialist LEV Engineer testing and thorough examination

LEV Test & Inspection

P&J Dust Flexible Arm. Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance


P&J Dust Extraction LEV Test on Fume Extraction

LEV Commissioning

It is a legal requirement that an LEV Commissioning test is carried out after installation to prove that the system provides adequate control of the hazardous substance. The best way to do this is by measuring the exposure of your staff at each extraction point.

LEV Test & Inspection

Our engineers are BOHS qualified and we comply with the HSG258 COSHH regulations. 

We currently undertake over 6,000 annual tests each year throughout the UK. With each LEV inspection you recieve a maintenance logbook.

Machine Maintenance

These maintenance checks can be completed the same time you are having your annual LEV test. We look at your equipment that use need the extraction systems for to ensure that they are operational and in good condition. 

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