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Benchtop Booths

Our design team build high quality bespoke equipment that allows us to tailor a solution that helps you work smarter, save time and money and achieve outstanding results, now and in the future.


For more information contact us on 01795 582600.


Recirculator Units

For use in situations where external venting is impractical and hydrocarbon vapour and gas filtration is necessary. Designed for operator protection whereby gases, fumes, vapours and particulate contaminants are filtered. Cleaned air is exhausted at the rear of the cabinet back into the workplace.


Flexi-ducted Units

Designed for immediate operator protection whereby large particulates are filtered and fine particulates together with gases, vapours and fumes within the shield are exhausted to atmosphere via the flxi-duct.


All of our units come with a 5 year warranty

Specialists in Fume Extraction | Operating across the UK 
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