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"We experienced a few little obstacles which were taken care of very quickly & professionally. Fabulous extraction system on both CNC’s and smaller! A brilliant experience." - Bulgaro Interiors

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Following a recommendation, Bulgaro Interiors contacted P&J Dust Extraction for their expert advice on solving their ongoing issues with their current extraction system which was starting to affect their production efficiency and quality of product. Bulgaro Interiors manufacture and install stylish and detailed bespoke, high end interiors, display systems and furniture for some of the biggest retail, commercial & leisure giants in the world. Bulgaro’s existing extraction system was simply not powerful enough to run all the machinery in their vast workshop. When levels of dust within the workshop are not effectively controlled by underpowered units it can not only have a detrimental effect on the quality and efficiency of product output, it also raises a stark health hazard to employees (exposure to hard and softwood dusts can cause asthma, respiratory disease and cancer).


Bulgaro not only recognised the need to maintain the superiority of their craftsmanship but they were also extremely vigilant about the safety of their staff. Due to increased demand for their products Bulgaro had recently upgraded one of their CNC routers and knew that the upgrade of their extraction system was well overdue. In total the system required for Bulgaro needed to accommodate the efficient and safe extraction of dust from 2 x CNC routers, a Robland NZ3200 circular saw, a Sedgwick SM4II spindle moulder and a Bandt edge bander.


With over 34 years of experience P&J Dust Extraction were the ideal LEV professionals to work with Bulgaro in providing them with the most appropriate solution for their needs. A P&J LEV Engineer attended site to liaise with Bulgaro’s MD to discuss machinery specifications in the workshop as well as which machines would be running at any one time.


Our Engineer ascertained the exact technical requirements to advise them on the best extraction solution for their workshop.


P&J specified high filtration and high volume waste units ideal for a very productive workshop. They recommended their 2 bag, 8 filter, housed unit and a 6 bag, 80 filter, modular unit with bespoke ATEX explosion relief panels for additional safety. Both units were manufactured at P&J’s Kent site together with all necessary ducting, explosion relief membranes, filters, additional housing and fans.

The installation team at P&J carried out the works over a three day period with minimal disruption to Bulgaro’s production schedule. To ensure energy efficiency for the client P&J configured the system to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. A high-performance inverter [variable frequency driver] was installed, allowing for soft start and variable motor speed thus reducing power consumption. This is a complex application within an LEV system as it is imperative that the correct airflow within the main ducting is always maintained. P&J achieved this by correctly matching the duct sizes to the variable airflows, thus regardless of how many items of machinery were in simultaneous use the duct velocity would be correct.


Following the installation, P&J, UKAS accredited for LEV Testing and Commissioning, sent one of their BOHS qualified LEV inspectors who commissioned and tested the extraction system in accordance with HSG258.


Bulgaro and the team at P&J worked together to design a system to guarantee that Bulgaro met all their statutory H&S obligations whilst ensuring that Bulgaro’s production requirements were fulfilled.

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