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“On behalf of everybody at Colts, may we thank you for your true professional service and knowledge” - Colt Houses Director

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Colt have been building the highest quality timber framed houses for nearly 100 years and have outstanding expertise in this field. You can encounter their expert craftsmanship in over 16,000 houses in the UK as well as houses but they have also been built in all the countries of Europe including Norway and Sweden, the Seychelles, the Falkland Islands, the Faroe Islands and even Africa. 

The beauty of timber framed houses are that they are warm in winter, cool in summer and considered very economical in upkeep. Specially designed and pre-fabricated in the factory, when erected each has its own individual character and there is certainly no feeling of mass production or standardisation. Colt Houses are anything but “flat pack” with endless variation possible, architecturally and practically.


In recent years the natural expansion of Colt Housing saw a move to Woodchurch in 2012 where their continued growth in the bespoke design of timber framed houses and their focus on customer care has seen the Director re-think their Woodworking Shop/ Factory to accommodate this progression.


The processes used during the production of the timber frames such as sawing, shaping and sanding produce soft and hardwood hazardous dusts, these can cause asthma, respiratory disease and cancer. Colt have a legal requirement to control exposure to these airborne contaminants to statutory limits to safeguard their woodworking team’s health and wellbeing.


Colt’s existing solution to this problem was the use of a single bag extraction system which they connected to each and every woodworking machine whilst in use, which was simply slowing down production and becoming less and less effective.


In 2014 as business growth continued the Director of Colt Houses decided to invest in additional machinery to meet the demands of his customers, and at this point realised the extraction methods being used would no longer be appropriate or effective.


He knew he needed to increase production efficiency with more than one woodworking machine being used at any one time, continue to control dust exposure to the specified WEL’s (Work Exposure Limit’s) and reorganise the workshop to further enhance customer visits.


Following a search on the internet the Director located two Dust Extraction Companies to assess if either could provide the necessary Dust Extraction Solution to meet Colt Houses needs. The HSE expect the customer to ensure the competence of their selected LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) supplier, so this stage was key.


When P&J’s Technical Sales department received the call from Colt a mutually agreed date was arranged within a week for our LILEVE qualified Engineer to attend site. When he arrived to meet the Workshop Manager requirements were discussed and following a detailed inspection of the workshop our Design Engineer took his site survey back to head office to enable him to recommend the most suitable extraction unit for Colts workshop.


On the same day P&J recommended one of their manufactured modular system, a PJ 3 bag unit with 12 housed filters as the most suitable for Colt as when in use with both their existing and new woodworking machinery it would guarantee to control the exposure for all employees to the hazardous substance emitted to within the WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit), increase production by enabling multiple woodworking machines to be used at any one time and would vastly neaten/tidy up the workshop/factory’s appearance.

By the close of business that day Colt’s Director had already agreed and signed off our quotation and within an agreed project period of 6 weeks P&J’s Installation Team arrived on site install their modular 3 bag extraction system to Colt Housing’s new combination machine, saws and planer thicknesser as well as to their existing woodworking machinery.


Our Installation Team liaised with the Director to ensure a quick and efficient installation to avoid disruption to Colt Houses business operations. Once installed and set up it was necessary to commission the new system to ensure its optimum efficiency. At this stage system operating performance recordings are required for benchmarking for the future yearly LEV Thorough Examination & Test.


P&J’s LILEVE & BOHS qualified engineer for the commissioning of LEV Systems arrived on site and liaised with the Director to take the required statutory checks, measurements and recordings. Pressure, flow rate, transport velocity, temperature and noise levels were taken within the ducting at designated points, as well as the condition of the ducting, blastgate dampers, hose & hose earthings checked.


Effectiveness and condition of capture hoods, P&J filters, waste collection, etc. were also logged.


An essential feature of P&J’s professional LEV Commissioning service is dust sampling and measuring at each point where dust is generated. Colt Houses received a detailed report showing the exact dust levels at each of their machines in use as well as general background dust levels in the factory.


This enabled Colt to prove that exposure to hazardous dusts is properly controlled. Before leaving Colt Houses our LEV Test Engineer gave Colt’s Director a thorough demonstration of the system together with combination[s] of machinery that can be used at any one time.


He also handed him with a Maintenance Log Book detailing the necessary maintenance checks & housekeeping requirements and explained the necessity for its completion until the next statutory yearly test & examination.

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