What are the questions the HSE tell you to ask your LEV supplier?

To accompany the new requirements for LEV detailed in HSG258 2008, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have released a publication called "Clearing the Air: A simple guide to buying and using local exhaust ventilation (LEV)" (INDG408) which states that:

"You must make sure that anyone who designs, selects, checks and maintains the LEV system and does the thorough examination and test is competent. They should have the knowledge, skills and experience to do the job properly."

P&J meet all these criteria

The HSE are adverising buyers to ask potential suppliers:

What experience do you have in designing and providing LEV systems?

P&J have been designing, manufacturing and installing dust and fume extraction systems since 1980.

What are your professional qualifications, experience and memberships?

P&J are the only extraction specialists whose technical competence has been independently assessed and verified by UKAS accreditation for LEV Testing and Inspection.

Our staff have many years of practical experience and training in the design and testing of LEV systems, and a range of relevant professional qualifications including BOHS specialist modules on the Control of Hazardous Substances and the Examination Certification & Testing of LEV. The Director responsible for the test department is a Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner with post graduate qualifications in Occupational Health & Safety.

P&J hold 'Investors in People' in recognition of our investment in and commitment to staff training and a competent professional work force.

Professional memberships include:

  • BOHS - British Occupational Hygiene Society

  • BSC - British Safety Council

  • CHAS - Contractors Health and Safety

  • HVCA - Heating & Ventilating Contractors Association

  • IOSH - Institute of Occupational Safety & Health

  • SHAPA - Solids Handling and Processing Association

  • UKAS - United Kingdom Accreditation Service

  • WMSA - Wood Working Machinery Suppliers Association

Have you successfully applied LEV to similar processes or activities in my industry?

P&J have successfully supplied LEV to a varied range of industries including:

  • brickmaking

  • dental

  • education

  • electrionics

  • food processing

  • goverment departments

  • local authority workshops

  • medical

  • museums

  • packaging

  • pharmaceutical

  • recycling plants

  • stone masons

  • welding

  • woodworking

Can you provide references, testimonials or examples showing successful installation of LEV systems?

Yes, please view our case studies.

Are you tied to a particular range of LEV products?

P&J manufacture their own range of high quality LEV which gives us complete control over quality, production and availability. This enables us to offer units of any configuration and low cost, bespoke service where non standard sizing is required.

P&J are approved distributors and installers for other high quality manufacturers so we can supply other makes where appropriate to the application.

How will you show that the LEV provides adequate control?

In our quote we identify for you the current W.E.L (Workplace Exposure Limit) for the hazardous substance that you have asked us to control.

P&J guarantee that we will achieve control to below the W.E.L and we will show this by carrying out dust sampling at each extraction point during the Commissioning LEV Test.

This will ensure that the level of exposure by inhalation to emissions from the specified machinery is below the current W.E.L for the specified hazardous substance.

The HSE require extraction quote specifications to including supplying:

Pressure Gauges (Indicators) must be fitted to show the LEV is working properly

P&J can install Vacuum Pressure Gauges on each extraction hood duct where they will provide a visible indicator to the operator that the LEV is working correctly. These are installed during the Commissioning LEV Test and will be calibrated by our LEV engineers to the operating performacne of your LEV to display red and green zones.

Training in how to use, check and maintain the LEV system

P&J provide a demonstration and training in the use of the system after installation, to the end user, by the P&J LEV test engineer at the time of the scheduled Commissioning (Initial) LEV test, which is on a date agreed with the client.

User manual describing and explaining the LEV system, how to use, check, maintain and test it, along with performance benchmarks & replacement part schedules.

Operating and mainenance manuals are supplied with each extraction unit supplied.

Performance benchmarks are detailed in the Commissioning (Initial) LEV Assessment report.

P&J unit manuals form part of a comprehensive professional set of documents along with the quoted specification and the log book to comply with HSG258.

These are supplied as a hard copy but are also available electronically.

Logbook for the system for operative to record results of checks and mainenance.

The COSHH regulations require the users of LEV to undertake certain regular maintenance check and record them in a log book which details the checks to be undertaken and their frequency. This log book should be provided by the manufacturer of the LEV.

P&J provide details of the checks to be undertaken in their manuals supplied with the unit and a detailed calendar log book is provided to the user during the commissioning LEV test and again at each year's subsequent LEV test.


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