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Which signs must be displayed in my woodworking workshop?


A safety sign is either a signboard or handsignal, etc. Signboards are required to be a combination of a specified colour with a symbol or pictogram. It may sometimes be useful to supplement a safety sign or signboard with text to aid understanding.

This sign must be displayed in all workplaces ® Health & Safety Law - What you should know.

As from 6 April 2009 a new poster is available. The old version of the poster can be displayed until 5 April 2014 but the information in the white boxes MUST be kept up to date (optional on the new poster).

Alternatively, each employee can be issued with an equivalent leaflet.

Prohibitive Signs - A sign prohibiting behaviour likely to increase or cause danger.

If carcinogens (such as hardwood) are being processed, the area likely to be contaminated must have a sign that prohibits eating, drinking and smoking. This safety sign must be a red circle with a pictogram, as pictured ® A combination sign is acceptable.

Source of information: CoSHH Regulations 7 paragraph 5B.

In contaminated areas it would also be appropriate to ensure plant processes are carried out by correctly trained personnel. Suitable safety signs are as pictured ®

Warning Signs

A sign giving warning of a hazard or danger. These signs must be a yellow triangle with a pictogram, as pictured ®

Mandatory Notices

These safety signs should be a blue circle with a pictogram, as pictured ® They must be displayed where the process(es) demands it.

Emergency Escape or First Aid Signs

A sign giving information on emergency exits, first-aid, or rescue facilities exit/escape route. These signs should be a green rectangle with a pictogram, as pictured ®

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