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How often should LEV testing be done?

The Commissioning (initial) LEV Report

The report is completed after installation to check that new system effectively controls the hazardous substance. The LEV system is usually put in to use after electrical installation and issue of the IEE certificate, and before LEV Commissioning (unlike other plant commissioning, when plant is not used until after commissioning).

The Commissioning Assessment determines the operating criteria against which future assessments of the system are compared so as to be able to identify any system deterioration.

The detailed thorough examination & test should be undertaken at leave every 12 months following the Commissioning report.

Re-tests must be undertaken after changes, improvements or repair to prove their effectiveness.

HSG258 'Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work - A Guide to Local Exhaust Ventilation' states:

'The maximum time between test is set down in COSHH, for most systems this is 14 months. In practise this is normally taken to mean annually.'

Following system changes or reparis the Local Exhaust Ventilation plan (dust/fume extraction) should be re-tested to prove the effectiveness of the repairs. [ACoP L5 176(j)]

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