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What is the purpose of the P&J LEV plant regular maintenance log?

The purpose of the maintenance log is to enable you to comply with the requirement in the COSHH Regulations 2002, as amended 2004, that all LEV [Dust & Fume Extraction] is visually checked, where possible and without undue risk to staff, at least once a week.

The aim is to ensure that all visible items are functioning correctly. This will identify any potential problem as early as possible and provide a record of the fact that you have been undertaking the legally required checks - this is also likely to be a condition of the warranty on your extraction system.

The HSE document HSG54 provides further information on the need for regular inspection and checking, which is not the same as the compulsory detailed test and examination by a qualified extraction specialist that P&J undertake for you annually. The aim of the regular visual inspection is to identify potential problems so that they can be rectified before the LEV performance deteriorates. The form of inspection and its frequency depends upon the nature of the plant; the requirement is for visual inspection at least weekly. There is no specific requirement for the checks to be recorded in writing. However by displaying the log by the extraction unit and including the completion of the log in the duties of the Plant Operators you are complying with the specific requirement that Plant Operators need to know what to look for and how to report it.

The P&J maintenance log lists the types of checks the operators need to make, with suggested frequency and details of how to report problems. We suggest that with units that collect the waste in bins or bags the waste level checking and bin emptying be done daily. P&J recommend that the person undertaking the daily or weekly check put their initials in the box(es) of the relevant item(s) they have checked. In some workshops it maybe that thechecks will be carried by more than one person, thus you can identify who carried out the checks.

It is not necessary to have an in depth technical knowledge to carry out the checks.

For example, on the Type 2 log, the check for 'Filter Cleaning Mechanism Activated' is simply ensuring that the filtercleaning mechanism has been activated once the unit shuts down. You can either hear the automatic shaker mechanism operate when the unit is switched off, or you have manually activated the shaker mechanism to clean the filters.


For example, on all Type logs, the check for 'Extraction Unit is in use whenever machinery operated' is as simple asensuring that when you are operating a machine, you can hear that the extraction unit is on when standing approximately 1m away.

The visual examination to confirm the following items are satisfactory requires you to make a simple visual check, for example:

  • Filters - no obvious holes, tears or leaks of dust

  • Hoods Ductwork - no obvious leaks, dents or damage

  • Flexible Hose - no obvious tears or leaks

  • Blastgate Dampers - no obvious problems

  • Electrical Connection - no obvious problems i.e, no abrasion to insulation or loose wires

  • Filter sharking mechanism - no obvious problems

  • Noise Level - nothing unusual heard, noise level comparable to usual levels

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